About Ultra-Crea

Wireless technology is being applied at ever faster pace to solve large and small scale communications problems. At the same time the technology is becoming more complicated and specialized while the time schedules are getting tighter. In this business environment we are offering our long-time experience and know-how in the field of RF-components and sub-assemblies to customers who are concentrating their own efforts to other discipline in the wireless communications area.

Our offerings are as follows:

  1. RF transmission line filters and combiners from 10 MHz to 6 GHz
  2. Special antennas to frequencies as above
  3. RF Custom Design

Our long experience on RF communications has shown us the need of availability of technical advice while a system is still at the planning stage- and also afterwards when the problems delay the proper operation the system. To enhance and widen the acceptance of RF communications as the viable and flexible technology we will publish short technical papers and bulletins. This is called “Lauris column”. Our intention is to keep these pages rolling on offering up-to-date technical information on advanced RF products but also tutorial material.

Our goal is to continually provide the highest quality products, design support, and service to our customers.
You are welcome to test us.

Ultra-Crea Oy is located in Kempele, in the Oulu region of Finland which is internationally recognized for its high technology achievements. Ultra-Crea Oy’s founder, Dr. Tech. H.C. Mr. Lauri Kuokkanen, has been a major influence on the technological development of the Oulu region having begun several successful electronic and telecommunication businesses in the Oulu area.

Lauri's column
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